Democratic Republic of the Congo


A FERI (Fiche Électronique des Renseignements a l’Importation) certificate is required for all shipments going to Democratic Republic Congo.

One FERI certificate is required per Bill of Lading (BOL) and must be obtained in the country of loading.

Shipping Ports in DR Congo

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Pre Shipment Inspection for DR Congo

Pre-Shipment Inspection of imports for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is mandated by the DGDA (Direction Générale des Douanes et Accises) and OCC (Office Congolais de Contrôle), Ministry of Commerce.

Information and documents required for creating FERI Certificate

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    ​Bill of Lading (Draft B/L is allowed) 
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    ​Commercial invoice / currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
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    ​Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
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    ​Phone number and email address from shipper and consignee
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    ​ETS & ETA
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    ​Transshipment details like; vessel name, voyage no, ETA, ETS, transshipment port(s)
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    ​H.S. code 
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    ​FXI or FSI number 

Shipping Goods Exempted from DR Congo FERI Certificate

  • ​Fresh eggs
  • ​Live animals
  • ​Imports with FOB value below USD2500
  • ​Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, fresh or refrigerated (neither frozen or deep-frozen)
  • ​Weapons, ammunition imported by the Administration
  • ​Re-imports without modification
  • ​Current newspapers and periodicals
  • ​Commercial samples
  • ​Post parcels without commercial value
  • ​Personal effects and moves, including motorized vehicles imported by residents returning to their country
  • ​ Personal gifts
  • ​Donations by foreign governments or international organizations to foundations, charities and humanitarian organizations declared of Public Utility
  • ​Donations by foreign governments or international organizations or private persons in case of disaster
  • ​Goods purchased with donations and external resources including loans
  • ​Gifts and supplies import by diplomatic entities, by United Nations organizations or other NGOs having customs taxes exemptions, for their own use

Prohibited Goods for DR Congo

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    Pharmaceuticals with an expiry date of less than 2 years (Ministerial Order No. 1250/CAB/S/C12/RM/2004 dated April 24th 2004)
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    All foodstuffs and beverages containing saccharin, dulcin and sodium cyclamate as sweeteners (Ministerial Order No. 13/CAB/NCB/96 dated October 11th 1996).
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    Foodstuff originated from Japan, following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, causing radiation contamination in the regions of Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma (Official Communiqué dd. 13/04/2011 from the Ministry of Commerce).
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    Pharmaceuticals put up in the following forms (Ministerial Order No.1250/CAB/MIN/SP/069/CJ/OMK/2010 dd. 06/12/2010):

      • Ciproeptadine in tablet and syrup

      • Contrimoxazole in powder

      • Amoxicilin in capsule and powder

      • Mebendazole in powder and tablet / Metronidazole in powder and tablet

      • Paracetamol in tablet and syrup

      • Quinine in capsule, tablet, syrup and liquid

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    Imports of Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content above 45pct
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    The following motor vehicles:

      • Passenger cars and minibuses (less than 10 seats) more than 10 years from year of production

      • Commercial motor vehicles and buses (more than 10 seats) more than 7 years from year of production

      • Trucks more than 10 years from year of production

Restrictive Goods shipping to DR Congo

The items below require authorization before they can be imported in to DR Congo:

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    Weapons and ammunitions

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    Bank notes
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    Commemorative coins
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    Used motor vehicles must comply with the following age requirements:

      • Passenger cars and minibuses (less than 10 seats) must be less than 10 years from year of production.

      • Commercial motor vehicles and buses (more than 10 seats) must be less than 7 years from year of production.

      • Trucks must be less than 10 years from year of production.

Charges for DR Congo FERI Certificate

For creating a FERI certificate for DR Congo, different rates are applicable. This depends on the Port of Loading and type of shipment, like LCL,  FCL,  Breakbulk or RORO.

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